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Holistic Sexual Healing provides holistic coaching as a means to seek the integration and alignment of body, heart, mind, and spirit in a way that supports you, honors your story, and allows you to experience more freedom and aliveness.

Holistic Vs. Traditional Services

Many clients report years of therapy, even coaching, and not being able to achieve the changes that they have long desired. Traditionally, both templates focus on updating and reframing thinking, expressing emotions, and changing behavioral patterns. For some, this is enough and works great. For others, a holistic approach to counseling is needed.

HSH is a specialized form of talk coaching* that focuses on concerns of sexual functioning, expression, or communication about sex.

Most individuals and couples have sexual problems at some point and most problems are quite normal and fixable.

Conversations are sex-positive providing every client the opportunity to explore, discover, and express their sexual story and their sexual being while healing the learnings or impact of culture, religion, and family. Therefore, each holistic counseling session is a warm and inviting space so that each individual is met wherever they are on their personal path to sexual discovery, acceptance, and pleasure.

How Holistic Sexual Healing Works

Holistic healing does not fix a problem. Instead, it helps us find ways to release and heal the memory of the body, heart, and mind. We teach the body to let go and unravel the habitual mental loops while opening up the heart space and reconnect more “wholey” with the energy of the body.

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Sex and Sexuality as a tool for growth and healing. With holistic healing, we can let go of the idea of being “fixed” and instead receive healing.

Through the lens of holistic sexuality, sexual healing through holistic coaching is not about dysfunction or performance. Rather it is about aligning genuinely and authentically body-heart-mind-spirit with who we are sensually and sexually.

Sexual preferences, orientation, and expression and gender are viewed pieces to our sexual story and are seen as a neutral, natural part of who we are.

What is usually seen as dysfunctional or poor performance, are paths to deepen sexual exploration and accept who we are as sexual beings. These “obstacles” are therefore the very thing that allow and creates space for us to receive healing through holistic counseling. There’s no need to fix that which is fertile grounds for our growth.

You do not need fixing.  You are not broken.  What we all are in need of is healing.  Healing that helps us forgive the past and unearth our own brilliance.  Healing so that we can reawaken and connect more fully to a vibrant body, a loving heart, a creative mind, and connected to life itself. 

The Body | Holistic Approach

Our body remembers and holds deep within the tissue of our being what the mind and heart may have forgotten. What we experience in our lives, our tissues remember.

Whether physical, mental, or emotional trauma, the physical body remembers the experience of the mind and vice versa.

In an effort to help us feel safe and so that we know how to respond and survive any given experience, the nervous and muscular systems develop a protective reaction for future threats. We develop a durable and robust defense mechanism or coping skill.

The problem occurs when this function no longer serves us and we are left with reactions shutting down, avoiding, dissociating, or habitual tension patterns. We find ourselves in an endless cycle of tightness and exhaustion due to an over-functioning of the sympathetic system—fight, freeze, or flight response.

So when we experience something in our environment that reminds us even slightly of a previous experience or emotion, we then unconsciously choose to avoid, tighten, and re-enact previous responses.

When we include the body in Sexual Healing during holistic counseling, we help bring into awareness non-verbal wisdom and embodied knowledge that shifts and ultimately assist us in releasing that which does not serve us. We then can make space for growth and vitality. This provides experiential healing and understanding that may not be present in traditional sit and talk therapy.
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Healing is about wholeness and harmony… In other words, you experience healing when you feel good; and healing is what you need any time you feel that you are out of balance—be it tired, stressed, fearful, or worried—or when you sense a disconnection between your mind, body, and spirit.

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1. Sex coaching does not involve physical touch, nudity, or sexual behavior between client(s) and the coach. You may have home assignments that involve touch or nudity, but never in session (or out of session) between coach and client. 2. Sex coaching does not involve shame or judgment. 3. Sex coaching is based on consent: there is no pressure for you to do anything you are not comfortable with.