Vanesa Akbarpour

Vanesa is gifted in creating a safe, non-judgmental space for her clients where she teaches and guides clients in building skills that facilitate the development of a more intimate relationship with all aspects of themselves, especially the parts that seem to create conflict and discord in relationship with self and others. 

She then guides her clients to create a more compassionate, vibrant, and harmonious relationship within themselves.  She does this with her unique blend of  Spiritual Depth Psychology, body-focused,  trauma-informed, holistic, and sex-positive approach.

Vanesa guides couples and individuals in developing greater intimacy by providing a safe space where each partner can practice vulnerability with each other to voice the unmet needs that are really at the heart of relational disagreements. 

Vanesa is experienced with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.  As a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual person herself, she is gifted and consciously practices cultural humility and is sensitive to the importance of cultural identity, diversity, and the ways culture intersects with all aspects of our lives. Vanesa is also able to provide services in English and Spanish.


"I specialize in Spiritual Depth Psychology. I work from a trauma-informed, holistic, sex-positive perspective in English and Spanish but you can think of me as a nervous system whisperer, skill-builder, and guide on your path to liberating your most authentic you."