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At Holistic Sexual Healing (HSH), we are dedicated to helping individuals and couples create the relationships and intimacy they genuinely desire. Our approach is centered on positivity, acceptance, and compassion, providing support in the comfort of your home or office.

Our practice offers a genuine exploration of your sexual self, helping you move beyond cultural misunderstandings and misinformation. With a holistic and integrative perspective, we ensure that your needs in life, love, connection, and intimacy are met.

HSH provides online holistic coaching to individuals, couples, and relationships at all life stages and lifestyles. We are committed to fostering greater inner and outer love, freedom, presence, and intimate connection.

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1. Sex coaching does not involve physical touch, nudity, or sexual behavior between client(s) and the coach. You may have home assignments that involve touch or nudity, but never in session (or out of session) between coach and client. 2. Sex coaching does not involve shame or judgment. 3. Sex coaching is based on consent: there is no pressure for you to do anything you are not comfortable with.