Holistic Couples Counseling

Sex coaching is a specialized form of coaching that focuses on concerns of sexual functioning, expression, or communication about sex. Most of us have had or will have sexual problems at some point in our lifespan. And most problems are quite fixable.  A holistic approach can help couples address these sexual problems and work towards solutions.

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At Holistic Sexual Healing, our commitment is to hold a warm, inviting and non-judgmental space in order to meet you wherever you are on your personal path to pleasure, vitality and sexual expression.  Holistic Sexual Healing is a spiritual place for people of all cultures, religions, and lifestyles. Our multicultural clinicians are specially trained in the area of sex and sexual health sexual through an inclusive, culturally sensitive, and understanding lens.

Sex is not just a physical act.

Sex embodies and integrates the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of all partners.


Sex therapy is an opportunity to voice needs and wants in a safe, contained environment.

Feelings of hurt, anger, resentment, disappointment, and inhibition, along with misinformation (including too much information), contribute to and add difficulty to solving intimate issues on your own. The truth is that most of us have not received good role modeling on how to have intimate and sexually enlivening relationships. 

Holistic Couples Therapy and Deepened Connections

Many individuals— both partnered and not— desire to genuinely expand, deepen awareness of self and connection with another. Often, they cannot find the right words, the right time or the right help, so they keep quiet, squelch feelings and thoughts which only makes problems feel bigger and more hopeless. 

Sexual issues are an opportunity to explore the stories and beliefs we hold about desires, turn-on’s, turn-off’s and should’s about sex.

Throughout the lifespan, body, heart, mind, intimate needs and sexual desires change. So, it makes sense that our sexual self and our sexuality also changes as we go through the different seasons of life.

Most of us hold misinformation, beliefs, or misunderstandings about sex learned from well-intended parents, cultural or religious traditions and from Google searches.

Couples Sex Coaching and Relationship Strengthening

Individual and couples sex counseling becomes an opportunity to talk about these misunderstandings as well as vulnerability issues that occur in long-term relationships. It helps individuals and couples explore different facets of sexuality and themselves.

What may have turned us on at one time, may not turn is on after big or even simple life events—moving in together, marriage, childbirth, career changes, grief, parenting, health issues, physical injury, daily life stressors and celebrations—impact who we are in our relationships and our intimacy.

Rather than think that there is something wrong, which only causes more shutting down and withdrawing, sex therapy and holistic couples counseling creates a space to explore what each individual or partner can do to heal and nurture intimacy and connection.

Sexuality can be the place where you expand what sex and sexuality means for you while defining and integrating the sexuality of the relationship and your partner.  Vulnerability becomes the essential ingredient that allows for a deeper connection, sharing and pleasure. Ultimately helping you experience amazing sex and pleasure as your birthright.

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