Holistic Sexual Healing for Couples

An opportunity to voice needs and wants in a safe, contained environment.

Because of feelings of hurt, anger, resentment, disappointment, and inhibition, many partners have a difficult time solving their intimate issues on their own.

Many couples deeply desire to talk to each other, but cannot find the right words or the right time, so they keep quiet, and the problems feel bigger than they are.

The problem is that sex is the one space where we cannot hide from our partners.  If we are not present or enjoying the moment, our partner is aware.

And, if sex is not happening at all, all partners are aware of the impact in the other parts of the relationship.


Most of us have never been taught the tools to share openly and authentically our sexual concerns and needs. 

Yet, most have this expectations of themselves and their partners.

But because we don’t know how, many keep quiet and feel dissatisfied in the sexual aspect of their relationships which can eventually lead to sexless partnerships, affairs, or overuse of porn.

Talking through the various elements of sexual experience in a therapeutic setting can help couples identify obstacles (that might exist beyond the realm of sexual performance) and find solutions to sexual  and relationship issues.

A well-trained sex therapist is aware of how overwhelming it may feel to talk about this intimate subject.


We don’t just get one sexuality in our lifetime, we get many.

Throughout the lifespan, the body and our sexuality has many normal and healthy changes.

What turned us on at one time, may not turn is on after life events such as childbirth, career changes, death of a loved one, health issues, or even daily life stressors.

Sex counseling creates a space to explore what each partner can do respond in manners that increase intimacy, connection and pleasure.

Most of us hold misinformation, beliefs, or misunderstandings about sex learned from well-intended parents and cultural or religious traditions that causes us to believe that there is something wrong with us that can eventually lead to our shutting down or withdrawing.


Sexuality changes throughout the lifespan, and so does the sexuality of a relationship.

Sessions become an opportunity to talk about these misunderstandings as well as misconceptions about sex in long-term romantic relationships.

So counseling becomes the place where you expand what sex and sexuality is for each individual while integrating what is the sexuality of the relationship.

Ultimately helping you experience amazing sex as your birthright.


Sex is not just a physical act.

Sex embodies and integrates the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual aspects of each partners.  A reminder of the importance of the different facets of sexuality in everyone that create more intimacy and pleasure.

Connecting each partner to their own sexual flavorings and innately sensual body so that it can be shared in a loving and genuine manner with another.


Services are offered to all types of partnerships.


*Sex therapy/counseling does not involve any form of physical contact, nudity, or sexual behavior between client and therapist.