Channing Dane

Channing is passionate about creating a sex-positive, nonjudgmental environment for those with various presentations, from mood disorders, gender identity, and sexual expression, to relational or intimacy troubles.

She strives to be informed and affirming to diverse populations.  She also sex workers, gender non-binary folx, non-monogamous people, and Kink or lifestyle persons.

Channing is passionate about providing an explorative yet safe place for individuals to achieve their highest selves.  Depending on her client’s needs, she offers a unique blend of techniques such as mindfulness,  CBT,  trauma-focused approaches, and Dr. Brené Brown’s shame and vulnerability work.

One of Channgng’s gifts is her ability to challenge negative beliefs, shadow work, psychedelic-assisted, and exposure work.

She takes a collaborative and playful approach to treatment and is excited to guide you through the many discoveries of self.

Channing earned her Master of Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapist from Pepperdine University. 

"My goal is to create a safe space where together we can explore the expression of your authentic self. I help by bringing awareness to maladaptive patterns and the rigid systems we have developed over the course of our lives through our attachments. My approach explores core beliefs, trauma, unmet needs, and the shame and fear that holds us back from realizing a life of whole-hearted fulfillment."