Alexus Martinez

Alexus is empathetic, compassionate, and passionate in guiding her clients to create a life of more freedom, pleasure, and above all, playfulness in order to facilitate a mind, body, and soul connection.

She provides a safe, non-judgmental space for her clients to explore their authentic selves by creating a sex-positive and nonjudgmental space utilizing inter-systems, mindfulness, narrative, parts work, and body-focused techniques to help her clients move toward more fulfilling interpersonal relationships and achieving their goals.

Alexus is skilled in meeting her clients where they are in their soul journey and working collaboratively to find the most efficient techniques and tools to work past limiting beliefs that hinder personal, relational, and professional growth. 

Alexus is a compassionate rebel at heart. She guides and holds space for her clients to love themselves unconditionally and to practice radical self-acceptance. She believes that negative feelings such as shame, doubt, and unworthiness hinder our ability to connect with others and ourselves which can lead to limiting our ability to experience life and love more fully. 

Alexus earned her Master of Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapist from Pepperdine University.  She is currently completing her Doctorate in Human Sexuality at California Institute of Integral Studies, School of Professional Psychology & Health.

"I meet clients where they are at, focusing on their strengths to integrate mind, body, and soul. Through that connection, we can work together to readjust our narrative and discover the freedom that comes with self-love, kindness, and appreciation."