About Holistic Sexual Healing

Holistic Sexual Healing (HSH) was created as a way to assist individuals, partners, family members, and the community at large to get the help and support to heal and grow in love, connection, and pleasure with self and others through honoring their unique expression and identity. Relationship, sex, and intimacy therapy can help achieve this. 

HSH intentionally has a specialized focus to offer the highest quality of clinical services by providing team members with specialized monthly training, focused case consultation, supervision, and staying up to date with the most effective treatment and innovative approaches of relationship, sex, and intimacy therapy.

Our specialties include relationship counseling and sexual health based on the needs seen in the community we serve. Our services and offerings are holistic and integrative. We intend to hold a sacred space for our clients to explore, heal, and integrate body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Seeing the need for sex-positive and integrative services, we also serve the greater community by offering training to professionals in the healing arts.

Our ultimate goal is that individuals and partnerships of varying stages of life, love, connection, and erotic expressions and identity receive knowledgeable and respectful assistance and guidance on their journey to extraordinary love, sexual freedom, erotic expression, and life vitality.

A word from our founder

Seeing that many clinicians and centers treated sexual issues through the lens of dysfunction and addiction, I saw a great need for holistic, integrative, and culturally-sensitive sex therapy. 

So, I founded my own center where clients can unravel old stories, heal, learn, and grow in their eroticism, vitality, and intimate connections through the integration of body, heart, mind, and spirit. 

My intention with the Center for Relationship & Intimacy Well-Being was to create a space where clients feel free to come in with whatever they felt kept them from creating pleasure and more love in their lives.  What happened next was quite unexpected!

We began getting calls and emails from men, women, and couples from across the country asking for our kind of support in healing and bettering their sexual and intimate lives.  And because we are an online practice, many voiced finally feeling comfortable enough doing this work in the comfort of their homes or offices.

This is how Holistic Sexual Healing was born. 

Sexual Well-Being is the core of our human existence.  We all have our own sexual and erotic stories. Many of which keeps us from experiencing life to its fullest.

Stories create the landscape over which we search and provide value and connection that allow the mind to do its work. They are the connective tissue of meaning.

My intention is that HSH will assist you in unraveling old stories and help you create new stories that help you better understand yourself and your truth.  Then you can begin to create the potential for more positive emotions and a limitless scope of possibility that extends far beyond what your day to day lives will allow.

In doing so, you create a web of relationships, pleasures, connections, and erotic energies that allows you to see beyond the ordinary horizon.  Our visions, after all,  are the shoulders we stand upon to see over the land of possibility.

We dream in the stories that we live in. 

My hope is that in your time with HSH, you nurture the stories in which you experience more freedom.

Jacqueline Mendez